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Probably the best cat litters in the world

The TobeLoved Essential range includes bentonite-based and silica-based litters

Bentonite Carbon
Bentonite Ultra

Discover all the Essentielle Betonite Collection

What is...Bentonite ?

Bentonite is a clay composed of a porous mineral (clay of bentonite). It is a laminar clay resulting from the aging of volcanic ash. On contact with urine, the litter softens, and small clusters are formed : the agglomeration.

The strength and speed of the litter agglomeration depends only on the quality of the raw material used. Rigorously selected from the plains of Inner Mongolia, Bentonite To Be Loved® cat litter, compared to others Bentonite in the world, with exceptional absorption power, whether in terms of smell or terms of liquid with a very strong agglomeration.

Thus, only the litter clumps are removed, and there is a lot easier to remove them. Bentonite To Be Loved® litter, therefore, saves a non-negligible amount of unclean bedding as the unsoiled pellets remain in the litter box or toilet and add a small amount of litter little by little to make the complement.

Silica Classic
Silica Comfort

Discover all the Essentielle Betonite Collection

What is...Silica?

Silica litter consists of quartz sand mixed with baking soda. Silica consists of a combination of silicon and oxygen. Silica crystals are made up of millions of micropores that will instantly drain all the moisture from the surface towards its center and thus have a large urine retention capacity.

This natural product is made from very pure Silica gel and water.This mixture is heated  at high pressure according to a unique process.This unique structure gives the Silica To Be Loved® litter excellent liquid absorption capacities and allows completely neutralize odors from your cat’s litter box.

Also very economical, a bag of 1.5 kg or 1.8 kg lasts up to a month !

odor sealing


This cat litter is 100% natural. Smells are neutralized and bacterial propagation is stopped - Your environment is protected and stays healthy.



Our cat litter's incredible absorption properties guarantee compact clumps on the surface, which make the litter tray much less dirty. Your cats' droppings won't stick to the bottom.



Very effective, it will last for a very long time. No need to empty the whole tray, just pick up the soiled areas. This will save you a lot of money.



Our cat litter's rapid absorption properties means that it won't stick to your pet's paws and coat. It is almost dust-free, which makes it exceptionally comfortable to use.

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