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The genesis of the project

My passion for animals drove me to create the company Swellee LTD.
Indeed, I was not satisfied with my cat litter and, unable to buy on the market a product
that brings me complete satisfaction, a cat litter capable of absorbing the odors of my
cat’s excrements, I put myself in my head to find the untraceable.
I then spent years on numerous trips looking for a producer capable of producing a cat litter with an exceptional absorption rate of both urine and odor. This ambition also had to take into account respect for the environment and local populations.
After extensive researches around the world and numerous tests, I finally found the desired
quality and the factories capable of extracting and working this precious raw material.
Today, I invite you to travel and enjoy the fruits of these many years
of this quest. You can now take advantage of it for your own
project, your own brand through several types of litter, silica,
or bentonite.

Let’s start the adventure !

The ToBeLoved Team
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